Graduate-recruitment-agency-London1The approach we take is to tailor our graduate solution so that it meets your needs. We’ll become part of your team so that we work with you as a business partner.

Our qualified sourcing ninja will seek out the best graduate talent for you (using your brand not ours) via targeted advertising, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and job boards. By doing this we create a large pool of prospective candidates with that all-important diversity and a broader range of suitable skills. We use CV databases and relevant job boards as tools to uncover fantastic candidates, and to know where to find them whilst raising the profile of your brand within your marketplace so you’re acknowledged as an employer of choice.

Graduates are our future and ‘Generation Y’ is the future for your business. By sourcing, attracting and screening graduates, we at The Talent Group will provide you with the most promising graduates available. By using our outsource model, you can be confident that we will attract the best graduate talent to your company.

We manage the initial recruitment stage, and design the screening tools that will match candidates to your requirements. We then create and co-ordinate candidate assessment centres. We can support you through your entire graduate-recruitment-agency-london-300x199end-to-end recruitment process with as much or as little assistance as you choose.

If the skill-measuring process attached to your role seems difficult, we move to look at the behavioural make-up of a graduate in order to assess and measure their potential. We assess values, motivation and behaviours. Our findings are then carefully matched with the behaviours of high-performing employees in your business niche to help generate a workforce composed of like-minded and hard-working individuals.

Here at The Talent Group we see graduates as the real potential for any business, no matter the scope. We outsource the recruitment process right up to the interview stage as necessary for graduate and undergraduate recruitment.

This includes:

  • Attracting and sourcing graduates using specific job boards, search and social media
  • Screening CVs from written and video applications
  • Tele-screening using bespoke screening tools
  • Using online psychometric tools which enable us to measure intellect, values and motivation
  • Designing and co-ordinating graduate assessment centres
  • Interviewing, using specific, measurable behaviours
  • Providing feedback to our candidates throughout the process
  • Manage the candidate experience ensuring your business is perceived as an employer of choice

Recruiting graduate candidates is not just our function, it’s our passion. We take great pride in helping new graduates to step one foot onto their chosen path. We manage the end-to-end recruitment process from the point of attraction right through to placement. Our outsourcing solutions will really save you time and resources as we deal with all the administration and hassle of finding the right candidates. We recruit graduates for businesses of all shapes and sizes, up and down the country, and we even source graduates from Europe.