Recruitment/Talent Management

Today’s business imperatives are not necessarily tomorrow’s! New challenges constantly present themselves to employers and employees alike. In the interests of long-term business and career sustainability – we all need to constantly re-invent ourselves. Empowered individuals who embrace this concept; who welcome constant learning and new ideas, that creatively rise to meet new challenges and who inspire those around them to reach greater heights will be the contributors in Business and in our Society in the future.

At ACCURATE HRS we assist our clients to explore every candidate’s core competencies and recognise those individuals who will impact most positively on their working environment.

Our Recruitment/Talent Management Services include:

1.  HR Recruitment and Selection


  • Social Media
  • Job Fairs
  • Professional Conference and Campus Recruiting
  • Diversity Agencies
  • Resume Banks

2. Personnel Background Check

  • Verification of Certificates
  • Verification of Work History and Experience
  • Validation of licenses  – Professional, driving
  • Criminal Verification – Police, Fraud, Tax
  • Referee Verification
  • Validation of references

3. Psychometric Testing

  • Talent Q Verbal Test
  • Talent Q Numeric Test
  • Talent Q Dimension Test

4. Employee Value Proposition

  • Tactical
  • Integrated
  • Communicating and Delivering
  • Segmenting and Differentiating

5. Competencies Profiling

  • Background documentation review
  • Data Gathering 
  • Competency Profile Validation

6. Integrated Performance Management Solutions

  • People
  • Processes methodologies
  • Systems