With the realization that the reduction of operating costs is usually the main reason to consider HR outsourcing, we advertise a range of options in outsourcing of non-core business functions. To harness the huge benefits of adopting an outsourcing model, Accurate HRS strives to ensure that our clients will have increased cost savings, improved productivity and up to date management information for strategic decisions.
We do recognize that contemporary organisations are interested in the added value that outsourcing can bring and commit to ensuring that best practice is achieved by working with HR experts especially when the organisation in question is under resourced and has over stretched HR functions.The HR Managers and Directors are then able to spend more time on strategic management instead of getting bogged down with monitoring the administration of standard processes.


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The main advantages to clients of Accurate HRS’s outsourcing services include:

Significantly reduced overhead expenses since you will only pay Accurate HRS contracted amount and is not responsible for personnel expenses such as payroll taxes, employee benefits and workers’ compensation insurance;

Time otherwise spent managing support staff can be concentrated on the organisation’s core business;

  • Significant reduction and control of operational and overhead costs;
  • Replacement staff will be available from our pool to cover for people absent on casual leave, annual leave, illness and other forms of absence;
  • Accurate HRS provides on-going training and skills development for staff to ensure their job functions are carried out in a professional manner.
  • Advanced technologies that have improved the quality of service that can be realised through outsourcing;
  • Accurate HRS’s expertise in human resources solutions and management;
  • Accurate HRS’s reputation as a provider of reliable and quality services;

Full HR Function Management

We provide best practice in staff benefits, health & safety, welfare, employee relations, industrial relations.

Our outsourcing services include the following:

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