Learning & Development


Learning and Development has become a phenomenon and a highly beneficial developmental process.  It is becoming a key requirement in the toolkit of leaders and managers who wish to develop the perspective and skills needed in changing conditions. Organisational Learning adds significant value by enabling diversity awareness and support, skills transfer, goal achievement, sound boarding, effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and profitability.

At ACCURATE HRS, we are committed to help create a more successful business by improving executive leadership effectiveness, and strengthening team and organisational performance. Our unique offering is bespoke, targeted at providing guidance to your human capital and their peculiarities.

ACCURATE HRS acts as a change facilitator helping organisations identify their learning needs and working in partnership with them to design interventions that will best meet their needs in a flexible and cost effective way, and aligned to their overall strategic direction.

Our learning and development interventions boutique includes:

  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Management Development
  • Team Coaching
  • Supervisory Development
  • Internal Consultants Capacity Development
  • Functional Capacity Development
  • Cross-Functional Capacity Development
  • Workshops/seminars/re-treat organisation and management